Dimensions of Poverty

Conference in Berlin

This conference seeks to assemble fresh theoretical perspectives on absolute and relative poverty within and between nations. It addresses questions in three sections which are aligned with three different dimensions of poverty research. These are: the normative categories of measurement and their uses in measurement practice; the blind spots and global asymmetries within academic poverty research itself; and the role of normative theorists in public debates on fighting global poverty through public policies and private donations. All three sections will feature keynote lectures by highly distinguished academics who have contributed groundbreaking work to the conference issues. Each section will also feature talks from experts who will be addressing an array of more specific research questions.

Further information on the three section, about confirmed speakers, contact and registration on the Conference Website.

Organized by the Centre for Advanced Studies (Kolleg-Forschergruppe) Justitia Amplificata (“Rethinking Justice – Applied and Global”) of Freie Universität Berlin & Goethe-Universität of Frankfurt am Main.