Erotic Capital and Academic Work

Call for Papers for a Special Issue of "Societies". Deadline: August 1, 2019

Societies is now seeking manuscripts for the Special Issue “Erotic Capital and Academic Work”.

In the past few years, new reflections about beauty and bodies have been changing our visions and thoughts around human relations in various institutions. The most salient are military and academic spaces. Sexual harassment, lust, and abuse are among more relevant interactions linked with erotic capital. We welcome papers that in different ways deal with bodily, emotional, and gender(ed) aspects in empirical social research on dissertation mentoring, fieldwork, labor opportunities, and work relations. We also welcome papers from across cultures and global regions.

Believe it or not, sexual harassment, lust, and abuse are happening very often on university campuses, as well as in the various social spaces in which women scientists carry out their field work. In this Special Issue, we welcome:

  • Theoretical papers reflecting on gendered issues related to academic work in social and natural sciences;
  • Biographical, autobiographical, and autoethnographically oriented papers telling the story of specific cases of sexual harassment, lust, and/or abuse in social interactions on university campuses;
  • Papers reporting empirical quantitative, qualitative, or mixed research on dimensions or aspects of any social processes related to sexual harassment, lust, and abuse in academic work
  • Comparative studies highlighting how erotic capital is performed in different scenarios and/or arenas related to academic work;
  • Theoretical or methodological papers analyzing the conceptual or empirical connections between erotic capital and sexual harassment, lust, and abuse in academic work

In this call for papers, we are looking for theoretical, methodological, and empirical research on the role of erotic capital in the development of sciences and humanities.

Prof. Anne Ryen
Prof. César A. Cisneros-Puebla
Guest Editors

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