Digital Transformation and the Future of Work

Conference by the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research and the Institute for Employment Research, Campus Belval (Luxembourg), February 13–14, 2020

The objective of the conference is to bring together researchers in social sciences to discuss their more recent research related to digital transformation and the future of work. Researchers interested in presenting at the LISER-IAB conference are invited to submit theoretical, empirical and experimental contributions.

The conference focuses on the consequences of digitalization on

Working tasks · Skills · Wages · Motivation · Performance · Health · Well-being · Work-life balance · Workplace organization · Job design · Workforce structures · Functional areas · Shifts in labor demand and supply · Gig economy · Crowd working · Online labor markets · Employee mobility · Work-family decisions · Education and training systems


Keynote lectures

  • Philipp Kircher (EUI Florence · Italy / University of Edinburgh · Scotland)
  • Tobias Kretschmer (University of Munich · Germany)
  • Anna Margriet Salomons (Utrecht University · The Netherlands)


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