Manufacturing Collectivity. Exploring the Nexus of Gender, Collectivities, and Law

Interdisziplinary Conference, FU Berlin, July 2 to July 3, 2020

One of the most controversial issues in Western democracy today is the question of belonging and participation. Law plays a pivotal role here. Recent social conflicts such as those about antidiscrimination legislation and workers’ rights, the right to the city, the rights of refugees and asylum-seekers, or the demand for sexual self-determination bear witness to this dynamic.

Against this background, the conference of the interdisciplinary Research Group (FOR) focuses on the nexus of law, gender, and collectivity. We question the efficacy of gendered collectivity in the context of a hegemonic male-oriented and hetero-normative tradition of civil law. Based on deeper insights into legally standardized and, at the same time, gendered collectivization processes, we are interested in learning how current social conflicts manifest themselves, and how they can be understood and described in all their complexity.