Manufacturing Collectivity. Exploring the Nexus of Gender, Collectivities, and Law

Workshop Preceding the Conference "Manufacturing Collectivity. Exploring the Nexus of Gender, Collectivities, and Law", FU Berlin

Prior to the conference, the DFG Research Group “Law – Gender – Collectivity” is offering a workshop for PhD students. This half-day workshop gives young researchers the opportunity to put their current research projects forward for discussion. We aim to foreground gender as a central dimension of analysis, and, taking into account different disciplinary approaches, critically examine it together.

In particular, we would like to pursue the question of how gender is interwoven with the categories  of law (standards, laws, practices, legislation, or mobilization of the law, etc.) and/or collectivity (groups, organizations, social movements, etc.) and/or may have an effect on these, and what research perspectives can be derived from this. In the contributions, gender should therefore be examined primarily in relation to at least one of the two categories, and perhaps also in connection with other categories.

Possible approaches to this include:

  • Gendering as a means of facilitating or preventing collectives and/or collective action
  • Creating/eroding solidarity along gendered divisions in social movements
  • Gender in processes of legislation/mobilization of the law and/or collectivization
  • Gender relations and social change