Normative Orders of the Digital

Interdisciplinary Conference

Since 2007, researchers at the Cluster of Excellence “The Formation of Normative Orders” at the University of Frankfurt have studied political, legal and societal changes both within states and beyond from the perspective of the formation of normative orders. Such orders derive their legitimation from specific norms and themselves give rise to norms. Researchers at the Cluster enquire into the normative conceptions which play a role in these processes. The aim of this international and interdisciplinary conference is to confront this “Frankfurt perspective” on the formation of normative orders with the “digital”, the conditions of a global society in which information and communication technologies, and particularly the Internet, play an ever growing role.

The Workshop is organized by a group of researches with a background in law, political science, and sociology, who share a particular interest in the effects of digitization and digital networks on law, society, and politics. Together with scholars and practitioners, and across five panels, they will ask

- whether the digital age leads to new types of normative orders that cannot be adequately described with(in) traditional conceptions of norms?

- which norms collide on the Internet and which norms prevail?

- and whether there is a normativity inherent in information and communication technologies that can and should be regulated? 

Conference attendance is free, but please register at: hofmann@jur.uni-frankfurt. 

Further information and programm (PDF)