Research into Europeanization Conference: European Encounters, Politics, and Higher Education

Interdisciplinary conference at Europa-Universität Flensburg

The Europeanization of higher education has taken on momentum: higher education researchers, university staff, and students, are part of a new depth and acceleration of formal Europeanization processes, such as the Bologna reform.

Europeanization is understood here as a politically induced process of institutional change deeply influencing the shape of society. Specifically in the context of European higher education, we emphasize the notion of “Europeanization from below” (Eigmüller 2013) - a notion focusing on perceptions, attitudes and interactions of citizens, in general, and of agents in higher education settings, in particular.

During the last decade social scientists have paid intense attention to the relationship between actions of the European Union and position-takings by individuals such as transnational activity, support for the EU and, in general, the emergence of a European identity. It is still an open question what kinds of influences trigger what kinds of European thinking. This is due to the fact that research, so far, has mainly focused on border crossing activities and has thus reduced European experiences to cross-border interactions.

This conference will shed light on the question of how the emerging European educational area influences the perception of Europe and its citizens in manifold contexts of higher education.

Call for Papers (PDF, until May 15, 2016)