"Romantic Poetics"

Book Symposium on a Book in Progress by Charles Taylor

Romanticism and its understanding of language are reoccurring themes in Charles Taylor’s oeuvre. He is currently working on a book on Romantic poetics which is planned as a companion to his inaugural book on language The Language Animal (2016). This symposium presents an opportunity to
discuss this work-in-progress on Romanticism and Romantic poetics with Charles Taylor.

After an introduction by Hartmut Rosa there will be four short comments to which Charles Taylor will reply, and an open discussion with all present. The commentators are: Ruth Barratt-Peacock and Marc Emmerich (GRK "Modell Romantik", Jena), Christoph Henning (Max-Weber-Kolleg, Erfurt), Gesche Keding (LS Allg. und Theoretische Soziologie, Jena).

Veranstaltungsflyer (PDF)