Social Cohesion

BIGSSS Computational Social Science Summer School, Groningen, July 6 – 17, 2020

The CSS summer schools serve as a research incubator aimed at fostering the use of data-driven methods in the social sciences and developing a contribution to the research fields of conflict, migration, and social cohesion.

The 2020 summer school focuses on social cohesion. During the summer school, teams of five people will work on a specific research project. A team typically consists of three junior researchers and two senior experts/supervisors, with strong methodological and topical expertise. Each team will work through the whole research process with the aim to prepare a manuscript for scientific publication.

Each project combines CSS methods with a topical focus. This involves data-driven modeling of social cohesion and making use of simulation or prediction techniques. The projects may look, for example, into the causes and consequences of social cohesion and its relation to migration and conflicts.

Keynote Speakers
Tom van der Meer | University of Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Viktoria Spaiser | University of Leeds (United Kingdom)
Alex Rutherford | Max Planck Institute for Human Development (Germany)

Projects and Experts
1. Using Twitter to measure social cohesion and attitudes towards immigration | Eduardo Graells-Garrido (Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain) & Francisco Rowe (University of Liverpool, UK)

2. Königsteiner Schlüssel. Topic model analysis | Reinhold Sackmann & Christian Papilloud (both Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany)

3. HUMAT - a mix of serious games and abm | Patrycja Antosz (University of Groningen, Netherlands) & Timo Szczepanska (Arctic University of Norway)

4. Cultural contingencies of social cohesion | Gert Jan Hofstede (Wageningen University, Netherlands) & Geeske Scholz (Osnabrück University, Germany)

5. The emergence of formal governance institutions | Seth Frey (University of California, Davis, USA) & Michael Maes (University of Groningen, Netherlands)

6. Predicting the Trust Radius with Machine Learning: To What Extent Are Those "Most People" Out-Groups? | Wahideh Achbari (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands),

7. Structure and Dynamics of Gender Differences in Cooperative Citizenship Behaviors | Diane Bergeron & Corinne Coen (both Case Western Reserve University, Ohio, USA)

8. Social cohesion in face-to-face interaction | Michele Starnini (Institute for Scientific Interchange, Italy) & Jan Lorenz (Jacobs University, Bremen) Additional

Experts include
Bruce Edmonds (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK)
James Kitts (University of Massachusetts, USA)
Andreas Flache (University of Groningen, Netherlands)

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