Societies at the crossroads, the commitments of Sociology

13th Spanish Congress of Sociology

From 3 to 6 July 2019 the 13th Spanish Sociology Conference, will be held in Valencia, Spain. The conference theme will be: Societies at the crossroads, the commitments of Sociology. It will be organised by the Spanish Federation of Sociology with the collaboration of the University of Valencia and the Valencia Sociology Association. The last edition of this event, held in Gijón in 2016, proved to be a great success: more than 1400 registered delegates, 1500 communications, 2400 authors, 42 working groups and 40 programmed events. What to expect:

  • The largest forum in Spain for presenting a wide range of leading sociological research
  • A diagnosis of contemporary Spanish society and the international context
  • A meeting point for professionals and institutions associated with Sociology and associated fields in which to share experiences and improve their work

An international vocation

Boosting the conference’s international perspective is one of the key objectives of this 13th edition. Major efforts are underway in order to open up our specific field to the international scientific community, whilst at the same time enabling delegates to interact with colleagues from other countries and present their papers in English.

  • Inclusion of working groups with an international vocation and working group sessions in English. Examples include the following key sessions:

GT11: Southern European Societies. In collaboration with the SES’s ‘Southern European Studies’ Research Network 27 and our colleagues at RESU (Southern European Network of Sociology Associations) (VIEW)

GT42: Comparative Sociology: Europe and Latin America / Latin America and Europe Comparative Sociology (VIEW)

GT43: ISA Research Committee on Social Indicators. International Sociological Association. (VIEW)

GT32: International studies, area studies and globalization / (VIEW) CI 25 Sociology of Migrations (VIEW)

Many other working groups will also be holding sessions based on an international approach. We recommend you consult the various ‘Calls for Papers’. The full list of working groups is published at this link.

  • Contact with international journals
  • The conference will include a series of activities organised by international institutions
  • A number of plenary sessions will be based on an international perspective
  • Sessions and symposiums based on a comparative approach or addressing international issues

Practical information

Contact: If you have any queries, please contact the Technical Secretary at the following email address: t.caceres(at)emiral(dot)es or contact 0034 957080733 from Monday to Friday, between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Further information (link)