Time Perspectives

5th International Interdisciplinary Conference on Time Perspectives

The Conference

Time and time perception is a central concept for a wide range of social and natural sciences. The perspectives on time are rather heterogeneous in different disciplines and need a broader framing. The International Time Perspectives Conference has provided an arena for within discipline and interdisciplinary discourse, interconnecting different streams and schools in the study of time since 2007. We welcome contributions from psychology and other social sciences, natural sciences, health sciences, and the humanities, including anthropology, philosophy, and political science, among others. We also aim to broaden the scope of our discussion by supporting interactions with other disciplines like, for example, the arts, urban studies, gender or literature studies, economics, design, and information technology, just to name a few.

Potential Topics of Interest
We are interested in interdisciplinary approaches to time research. Streams might include following areas: Our everyday experience, understanding and perception of time; temporal practices of individuals, groups, societies or cultures; time perceptions; mental time travel; inter-temporal choices and decision-making; temporal cultures and socialization; cross-cultural time research; neural correlates of time perception; near-death time experience; clinical implications of time perspective; procrastination; the history of time taking; biographical work and time perspective, time management; time in business, time lack, inequality of time, social status and time use, gendered time practices; evaluation of time use; work-life-balance and conflicts; subjective understandings of time; education and time, career success and time orientation; considerations of future consequences, hope; instruments and methods for measurement of temporal psychology constructs; power and time use; acceleration, pace of time, rhythms and time structure, flow; chronotypes; resonance experience; (re-)construction of the past; mindfulness and time, boredom and the length of time; biographical patterns; time in the construction of identity.
Although long, this list of topics is intended to be suggestive rather than exhaustive. Contributors may choose to draw on material from a wide range of empirical spheres and/or theoretical perspectives or artistic work.


1st January 2020 Closing of the early bird registration for the conference

1st July 2020 Deadline for the regular registration for the conference; It is possible to buy daily tickets until the end of the conference

13th July 2020 Onsite registration opens at the venue
Opening ceremony

17th July 2020 Closing ceremony

Conference Organizers:
Elisabeth Schilling; Marc Wittmann; Alan Bec; Anna Sircova; Oksana Senyk; Tianna Loose; Alarith Uhde; Frank Worrell, Victor Ortuno, Alejandro Vasquez.
Address for Correspondence: tpnet2020(at)gmail(dot)com

Visit our websites for further details: https://www.conferize.com/ictp2020

Call for Proposals and Stream Leaders (PDF)